Run Time01'32"
ClientRed Bull
LocationThe Thames, Lonbdon
Cam OpsAlex Thompson
Mark Webster
Dean Kay
Sim Lotay
Francesco Martinuzzi
Matt Potter
Heli OperatorMehul
Motion GFXTropical Hotdog

Red Bull Music Odyssey

"On June 30th 2018, Red Bull hosted 6 boat parties on the Thames. They were ‘captained’ by Denis Sulta, Steel Banglez, Kyrist, Henry Wu, Moses Boyd, Julie Adenuga and Jubilee, with each boat representing a different aspect of the UK music scene and beyond.

The video above is our highlights video, turned around for the next day and bringing together footage shot by 8 seperate units including a helicopter above central London.

We were the principal production partner for the entirety of this project, and below you can see some of the wide range of supporting content we also produced.


This short teaser was put out to announce the project, and shows off the look and feel that we developed across all of the promo assets.

Captain Profiles: Denis Sulta

As part of the promo for Odyssey, we shot a series of 6 Captain Profiles, including this one featuring Denis Sulta introducing his house and techno focussed boat lineup.

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